Ratchet Lashing Belts

We are the PIONEERS and INDIA’s largest manufacturer of this Innovative product since more than a decade. Having said that we are equally competitive in prices and unbeatable in reliable quality and timely service. With our unmatchable range and variety of belts like: Truck & Trailer Lashing, Car Lashing, Warehousing, Load Securing, Etc., backed by an incomparable breakthrough technology time and again. And, all this not only helps keeps us ahead of competition but also our customers with TRANSPORT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS ahead of TIME! More on this across the table … 

WAREHOUSING BELTS: The FIRST and ONLY of it’s Kind Very Unique + Innovative – TIME + COST and EFFORTS Saving latest Industrial-cum-WareHousing Practical Material on EARTH!
The Few Key Features and Benefits this Concept are as:
  • Made from High-Tenacity Industrial POLYESTER Anti-Slip Webbing;
  • Stitching on Heavy-Duty Industrial Machines from Equally Strong Imported Polyester Threads Only;
  • Highest Applied System Strength of 1.5 Ton+ Per Belt;
  • In-Built, Ready-2-Use and ReUse Ratchet Tensioner made of Heavy-Duty Metal or Plastic Handle (Optional)
  • Offers Highest Standard of SAFETY for INTERNAL Movements and/or WareHouse Logistics + STORAGE;
  • Creates SAFEST Storage and Handling Practices of GLOBAL Standards;
  • Saves Huge Time and Labour Efforts during Receiving/Storing of InBound Materials; And, Dispatching/Storing of OutBound Logistics;
  • Offers LONG-LIFE* even after repetitive usage; (* Life  as in case of any other Capital Item - is subject to Overall Handling, Wear & Tear, Correct Usage + Proper Storage of the WareHousing Belts)
  • REDUCES WASTE of Quality and Costly Packaging Materials – Like: Plastic Straps, PET Straps, Cord Strap, Stretch Film, Etc., Etc.,)
  • Highly FLEXIBLE Length Options Possible (Std = 5.0Mtrs);
  • Variety of COLOR Options Possible (Std Orange Webbing);
  • Corporate Branding or Logo Printing is Possible (Optional);

Thus, in brief a ECO-FRIENDLY and a Socially Responsible Corporate Management that believes in REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE – Will always consider our WareHousing Belts to help us REDUCE the PACKAGING WASTE Generated Globally – And, help keep our EARTH GREENER – for the NEXT GENERATION towards a SUSTAINBALE LIVING in FUTURE!