The SudChemie from GERMANY + U.S.A., We also have the World’s Most Advanced Desiccant Technology, with around 300% absorption rates. The key advantage being that unlike traditional Silica Gel, it does not release the moisture so absorbed, back in the container air. Thus, keeping your Container Atmosphere, Moisture Free & 100%_DRY, in the Most Humid Sea-Climates on the HIGH-SEAS.
Key features & benefits of our Sud-Chemie Desiccants includes:
  • Overall most ECONOMICAL Solution to Export Container Moisture and/or HUMIDITY Problems
  • LONGEST Absorption Capacity i.e. upto 90 Days
  • No LEAKAGE even if saturated
  • Environment & USER Friendly
  • MAXIMUM Absorption upto 300% on High Seas at 90% Relative Humidity and 25 Degree Celcius Temprature
  • Eco-Friendly DISPOSABILITY
  • SIMPLE & Quick to Use
  •   PAPER, PHARMA, WOOD & ALLIED Industries