Composite Strap Polyester

Strapping system from M/s Composite Strap India Pvt Ltd  –  which is approved and certified by American Association of RailRoads (AAR), European Railway Regulations and Germanischer Llyod’s of Germany. Composite Strap composite strapping is a stiff but flexible product that can be easily used on various packaging applications. They are highly resistant to severe weather conditions (especially hot climates) and unlike PET and Steel strapping they do not break instantly from a single point against impacts whereas due to its low elasticity, Steel strapping can easily break from a single point against impacts during transportation. Between two products with the same breaking strength, Composite Strap  impact resistance is 7 times higher compared to steel strapping. Thus, making it a very UNIQUE proposition and SAFE solution for any and/or all kinds of Industrial Load Securing both for your Export Cargo and Domestic Transport Packaging from point A to point B any part of the World by Road, Rail and SEA. 
The key features & benefits of our Composite Strap includes: 
  •   SAFE for Your People
  - High strength
  - Highly elastic and flexible
  - No sharp edges that could damage your products
  - Does not damage cargo
  •   Synthetic STEEL
  •   Maximum JOINT Efficiency
  •   SOFT & Flexible
  •   No RUSTING
  •   SHOCK Absorbent
  •   Elongation RECOVERY
  •   Highest RETAINED Tension (MEMORY)
  •   High CROSS Directional Strength
  •   Very Low TOOLING Investment
  •   ENVIRONMENT Friendly & Easily Disposable
  •   Good WEATHER Resistance & U.V. Stablized
  •   Reduce IN-TRANSIT Damages


These straps are mainly used in:
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Lubricants & Paints
Machinery & Equipments
Natural Stone & Bricks
Steel & Metals
Food & Beverages
Logistics & Ports
Other …………….