Composite Strap Buckles

The buckle is used to fix the pallet and the loads and to connect the two ends of the strap during the application of the strap. Buckles are also referred as wire buckles.
The quality of the buckles is the most important factor affecting strength of the joint of the strap. The quality of the buckles depends on the diameter of the wire, the quality of the wire used, the quality of the surface coating and the form of the buckle.
Composite Strap buckles are mainly used with Polyester Corded Composite Strapping, Textile (hotmelt) Strapping and Woven Strapping 
Composite Strap Buckles, are produced in two different surface qualities: Phosphate coated and Galvanized Buckles.
The quality of the buckle is one of the important parameters that determine the system strength of the strap. The most important factor affecting the system strength is the strength of the Joint.

Galvanized Buckles

The wire used to produce Wire Buckle is Galvanized and that is why they are referred as Galvanized Buckles. Co-Strap Galvanized Buckles are used with Polyester Corded Composite Strapping and Polyester 

Forged Buckles